Couples intending to get married in church are required  to give at least 3 months notice to their respective Parish Priest. This church regulation applies even if the wedding is to take place in a church outside of their own parish.

Couples are also reminded to make provision for taking  a Marriage preparation course  provided by ‘Accord’. It is strongly advised that contact be made with ‘Accord’ in good time before the date of the Wedding – 6 months is suggested to be sure of getting a place. There is a booking fee and cost involved. The address to write to is ACCORD (Limerick Centre), St. Munchin’s College, Corbally, Limerick. Tel. 061 34300. ‘Accord’ also has a website with details of all its services in Ireland. Also see website specific to its pre-marriage courses which is:

Documents Needed

  1. Pre-nuptial Enquiry form. This is the most important document and both bride and groom will need to make an appointment with their respective Parish Priest or Curate to complete it. For this meeting they will be required to bring:
  2. A recent Baptismal Certificate  (not more than 6 months old) –Long form.  The short form of the cert they may have got years before for school etc will not suffice.
  3. A Confirmation Certificate is required also if evidence of Confirmation is not included on the Baptism Certificate.
  4. A letter of freedom from the Parish Priest of the parish or parishes in which you may have resided after your 18th birthday for more than six months,  This letter simply states that you did not get married while residing in that parish and are, as far as he knows, free to marry.
  5. Any Necessary Special Permission. i.e. Mixed Marriage, or Marriage of Catholic and a non-baptised person or Marriage in a church other than a Catholic church.
  6. An official receipt of Marriage Notification from the Registrar.


State Regulations:

At least 3 months notice to the Registrar of Marriages is required by State Law since 1998. Contact should be made with the Registrar of Marriages, St. Camillus Hospital, Shelbourne Road, Limerick. Tel. 061 483763. Also see  Website: